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May 21, 2012
Yesterday morning, as we were planning our itinerary for the summer, I asked The Five-Year-Old if she would like to go visit the Mayflower in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Five-Year-Old: “What’s the... full post
May 22, 2012
Last Christmas, when The (then) Four-Year-Old was surveying Panama City Beach for a likely spot to construct a landing pad for Santa and his reindeer, she came across a jellyfish. Naturally I panicked... full post
May 23, 2012
As I mentioned yesterday, we spent Christmas in Florida last year. As we were driving to the airport for our flight home, we started talking about time. Specifically, time zones and how they would aff... full post
August 23, 2011
We picked the Museum because it was one of those things that we had wanted to see on our vacation in the Cape the previous summer, but which we had somehow never quite gotten around to. Funny how a l... full post
April 12, 2012
Although The Five-Year-Old loves a good Pajama Day at home, I get cranky if we string too many of them (read: >1) in a row. But there are only so many times you can go to Capron Park Zoo, Jamaica Pond... full post
July 06, 2012
Every Friday from June 29 to August 31, the local non-profit offers free admission to all comers to area venues like Franklin Park Zoo in Dorchester and The Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth Port. The ca... full post
February 04, 2013
While passing through Chicago’s O’Hare airport late last year, we stopped for a quick bite to eat in between flights. While waiting to order her hot dog, The Five-Year-Old was quite disturbed to read ... full post
November 20, 2012
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, The Five-Year-Old’s world has become dominated by turkeys. Hand turkeys, color-by-number turkeys, dot-to-dot turkeys, even glitter turkeys, have all waddled t... full post
February 04, 2012
School Vacation Week is still going strong over here at Caterpickles Central. And as all Truly Relaxing Vacations require, we are keeping ourselves willfully blind to world developments. So instead o... full post
July 23, 2012
On a recent trip to the Boston Museum of Science, The Five-Year-Old asked, “Did dinosaurs have belly buttons?” I know what you’re thinking. Probably something very similar to what I thought: No. A bel... full post
August 02, 2011
As you may remember, one of our more memorable road trips this summer was to a berry picking farm in New Hampshire. Monadnock Berries is a family owned and operated 225-year-old farm within sight of M... full post
February 24, 2012
Recently, The Four-Year-Old caught on to the fact that there are multiple fighting beasts associated with the Auburn University football team. The Four-Year-Old: “Is the Auburn mascot a tiger or an ea... full post
August 17, 2011
Another in our ongoing series, What We Did This Summer. (Yeah, I know this is clearly What We Did this Spring, but our family considers our annual spring picnic in the Boston Public Garden to be the k... full post
August 09, 2011
While we were tooling around the Monadnock region this summer, we stumbled upon a rather amazing toy store hidden behind an unassuming store front in a strip mall in Peterborough, NH, about thirty min... full post
June 07, 2012
Summer’s nearly here, and you know what that means. For the next few months, we’ll spend nearly as much time driving around Massachusetts in search of great ice cream as we do hunting down Mexican fo... full post
December 03, 2011
While we were munching on chips and salsa other day at Chili’s, The Four-Year-Old’s eye was caught by a picture of a man with a long white beard and long white hair wearing a glittering sombrero and d... full post
January 14, 2012
René Stapp and his rocket ship–I mean race car–preparing to set the land speed record at Daytona Beach in 1932. The car, which was reportedly named Jupiter, later burned in a fire on a beach in France... full post
August 30, 2011
Another in our ongoing series: What We Did This Summer. At the beginning of the summer, my daughter asked me where she could go to dig for dinosaur bones. We had visited the tracks at the Nash Dinosau... full post

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